Some Other Notable Cars

A small selection of the cars I've rented for business and pleasure over the years...

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A 2001 Dodge Stratus I rented in Connecticut. An interesting comparison to my own 2000 model, the Ghost.


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Left: Mustang rented in Hawaii. Right: Mustang convertible I drove from Charleston, SC to Mobile, AL.


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The rest of the Hawaii fleet. The Echo was not-so-fondly referred to as the Speck. I drove her around Oahu very carefully. The 626 was a nice car, especially since it was supposed to be a compact (to save money). The clerk at the Hilo airport very nicely gave her to me at no extra cost since its renter had not shown up to claim it. I found that the 626 gets lousy gas mileage at 6,662 feet (a trailhead on Mauna Loa) compared to sea level, where the lava was flowing. This last late-night digital picture was taken from her roof - note the reflective glow.


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