The 1999 Southern Wisconsin Railroad Show

The 1999 Model Railroad show presented the usual spectacular
setups with amazing detail in small spaces. Some tables had well-crafted
examples of miniaturization. Some tables presented scenes that were a bit...

A great representation of a grain elevator, a scene common in the Midwest.

An outdoor roundtable, with several fine examples of railroad engines.

What were these guys doing here? No matter, they were not the strangest "extras" present.
(We'll save those for last.)

The "busiest" table at the show. The coolest thing was a bus run by old-style cables above the road.

Yup, you guessed it. Legos.

To paraphrase Oldsmobile, these are not your father's Legos.

An interesting and slightly ironic shot: A bullet train and mobile armor.

Madison is the home of Oscar Mayer, and the famous Weiner Mobiles. Not to worry, they were at the show too.

Now for the weirdest table presentation...

Looks like a normal street, right? Wrong. Look carefully at the far end of the road. Some military
figures were engaged in a firefight. Who could they have been shooting at?

...Storm troopers!

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